Welcome to the website of Philosophy Football FC


Since the team's refounding in 1999, we have enjoyed a lot of success on the pitch, including some great European adventures, as well as some excellent times off it. What has made the team unique is its rich collection of 'bohemians', a truly cosmopolitan squad of adopted Londoners who play football for the love it and in the spirit it should be played. We are also proud of being perhaps the only football club to have the word 'football' appear twice in its name!

Like our parent company Philosophy Football, we are a dissenting voice in football, committed to an alternative culture that actively challenges the corporate dominance of the game. We try to put forward an idea of internationalism and friendship in football which can stand in opposition to the racism and violence which still persists in some areas of the game.

At this site you can read about the team's latest developments, from the most recent match report to forthcoming tours. Here also you can get the latest news about the squad, read player profiles and take part in discussions. Click on the Philosophy Football link to view our unique range of shirts, from Camus to Sartre and De Beauvoir and from Shankly to Cryuff and Eusebio.

You can also read more about Philosophy Football FC on the Wikipedia page about the club.


Geoff Andrews
PFFC founder and manager