Red mist dissipates in frantic tussle

Aesthetico Athletico 3 PFFC 4 Deptford 3 Sided FC 3

Nick, 1 November 2015


Somebody once said football is a game of gentlemen played by thugs. 3sided football is an infinitely more complex game than that, although there are some moments of aggression and grit. The game between the Philosophers, Aesthetico Athletico and Deptford 3Sided FC was no exception, the only constant being the frantic pace that it was played at, with alliances appearing and disappearing in the blink of an eye.

The squad on this temperate November day was: Duncan, Ömer, Nick, Alfie, Rob and, returning from his 11-a-side endeavours, Jack Summerhayes, who provided much-needed forward thrust, as we were attacked at every opportunity. Such was the complexity of the game with its continuing ebbing and flowing that I find it impossible to comment on the actual facts of the match. Instead, to make some sense of the game I will break it down into the relevant thirds.

In the first, Deptford fell behind and it stayed that way throughout a nervy first 20 minutes, ending AA 0 – PFFC 0 – Deptford 1.

Rather than side with the Philosophers, Deptford joined Aesthetico in the second third to bring wave after of wave of attack on our goal. We conceded 3 during this phase, one an unfortunate deflection off Duncan’s legs which trickled over the line and was met by a phalanx of groans from the men in red! The second third ended 1–3–2.

The third third(!) saw the eventual forging of an association between Deptford and Philosophy in attacking Aesthetico, until suddenly we found ourselves all level on 3–3–3. At this point a frank exchange of views took place between an AA attacker and the PFFC goalkeeper … tut tut … although they were seen hugging at the end of the match, so cordiality was restored. We barely had time to plan or even imagine the possibilities open to us when a goal was scored that you could only ever see scored in 3sided football. An Aesthetico cross set up Deptford, who completed with a powerful diving header that gave Rob no chance, and the Deptford forward wheeled away in triumph. We were not done, however, and we came close to pulling a goal back. But with time against us, we were forced to concede defeat at the end of a pulsating game that finished AA 3 – PFFC 4 – Deptford 3.

Still, having sniffed glory, we know that if we can stay Philosophical, our time will come.